Indoor mit Dj´s - 25.02.2023

Einlass: 20:00 Start: 21:00

THE STORY OF ALAZANI (ალაზნის ისტორია)

is an audiovisual experience designed to introduce the viewer to nature and Georgian culture. Georgia is an ethnically diverse country, rich in culture, history and hospitable people. We want to share the spirit and our deep experiences in a special show.

For this occasion we invited GogiGunia from Tbilisi, Georgia.

In addition, we are very lucky to welcome Bastien Warskotte & Nino Gvantseladze from vineyard Ori Marani (Central Georgia) and wine importer Zoltan Kovacs from Naturwein Georgien (Berlin) for a natural wine tasting at the beginning of the show. Come early and don’t miss out on this delicious opportunity!

↦ GogiGunia *live (Slow Bar., Weengara) (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Georgian Electronic Folklore / Downtempo

As a kid Gogi used to sing in a group where he learned almost all kinds of Georgian Traditional Folk music. Soon after he experienced and started to learn producing electronic music, he came up with the idea to mix those two to express his thoughts and emotions through tracks that include both Georgian Folk style songs and tracks, he writes by himself and mostly organic Downtempo music. He is also a DJ and when it comes to his own tracks, Gogi performs them LIVE with vocals, Panduri and Chinuri – Georgian Traditional instruments.

↦ Padouc & Kari *live (Numa, Akasha MX, RSNZRFLXN) (Hamburg & Berlin, Germany)

Downtempo & Slow House mixed with Georgian Folklore

On stage, Padouc interweaves traditional Georgian folklore with field recordings and electronic elements. He uses Duduk, Synths and warm textures that create an atmospheric ambience.

Kari (Georgian for wind -ქარი) focuses on visual layers of captured elements of plants and landscapes with a strong focus on the details that make this audiovisual experience a journey. Together it becomes a symbiotic experience for the viewer to dance and dream.…/fruitcast-45-padouc-the-story…

↦ Eri Rosa (Hamburg)

↦ Natural Wine from Naturwein Georgien & Ori Marani

Doors: 8 pm

Start: 9 pm

entrance fee: 12€

All proceeds from this evening will go to PHR Tbilisi, protecting the rights of various social groups, such as: children, people with disabilities, elderly people and others, enhancement of gender equality and support women’s civil and political participation